Today, 30th of June, we conducted the last, third part of the training for youth workers of the EUYOU project in person. The first and second trainings for youth workers from youth centers for the implementation of local events took place online, as the coronavirus epidemic prevented us from conducting the training in person. The training for youth workers on the topic of democratic rights of European citizens was carried out in three parts, and in the last part of the live training we made a thorough evaluation of the new approaches and methods of work that took place online.

All three sets of training were attended by 26 youth workers from youth centers, namely 15 different youth centers. At the last event, we also invited youth workers and representatives from other youth centers to the evaluation event and presented them with a communication campaign and the implementation of local events, which will take place in 10 youth centers. In the first two parts of the training, youth workers made plans for four types of events, namely a cognitive and cultural social event and to present the concept of EU citizenship and democratic rights and democratic participation in the local community and dialogue with decision-makers. Due to the current unforeseen and uncertain situation, the participants took into account the implementation of on-line as well as off-line (live) events when planning the implementation of the training.

At the presentation of the event concepts, the project manager of the Institute for Political Management, Klemen Balanč, said: »Most project event plans also take into account a combined methodology for carrying out events, both live and online, as the circumstances are currently unpredictable. «

The participant, a youth worker from all three trainings, emphasized: »In these times, youth workers often do not have the opportunity to connect with other youth centers, so I think it’s great that part of the training took place in person. Through the project, I will be able to get to know the rights of mobile EU citizens better, which I find useful, because I meet them a lot in my work.«

Today’s evaluation of new approaches and methods of work showed that the organizational team of the project successfully carried out the adjustment of project activities and training. Participants gave feedback at the evaluation, where we were mainly interested in their opinion on the implementation of online parts of the training. Youth workers most often associate the EUYOU project with EU citizenship and mobility, and generally see great potential in the project. As part of the evaluation, they point out as particularly positive the group work, which we maintained despite the online implementation of the training. Participants are satisfied with the adjustments of the training according to the given situation. They believe that the project will provide them with a wide range of knowledge on mobile EU citizenship, which they will be able to use in youth work in the future, so that youth workers can become a point of contact for information on mobile citizenship.

The events for mobile EU citizens and those who are interested in international mobility will take place between September and December. But it is yet not known in what form they will take place.