The youth centers involved in the EUYOU project, which Mreža MaMa is implementing together with the Institute for Political Management and IPM Communications, started organizing virtual EUYOU events. This week, two online events took place, organized by the Koper Youth Center (CMK) and the Murska Sobota Youth Information and Cultural Club (MIKK Murska Sobota).


The first, introductory local event was held at CMK on Wednesday, October 21, with the aim of participants getting to know the EUYOU project and getting to know each other. The relaxed introductory presentation was followed by a presentation of the framework of the meeting, and then, with the help of the game “two truths and a lie”, they reopened the space for getting to know the participants and building the team. The activity was performed on the Jamboard app. After the activity, the participants were invited to draw together, which should represent their expectations in connection with the course of the meetings. Each of the participants summed up the illustration with their own words, which then formed a whole.

The second part of the meeting was dedicated to an in-depth acquaintance with the project. Participants took part in a competition quiz that included information about the project and focused mainly on the EU Mobile Citizens’ Rights Catalog. The quiz was conducted using the Kahoot app, it contained 14 questions with three options, one of which was correct. After each question, the topic was discussed and any additional questions were addressed. The participants got to know the basic aspects of the project in a fun way.

After the quiz, participants were invited to fill in the word cloud with the question “EUYOU – what is it about?”, where they summarized the main aspects of the project in three words. An evaluation followed, also with the help of the app (What did I learn? What was good and what would I change?). The participants were positively surprised that this kind of topic can be presented in such an interactive and fun way and they are looking forward to future events.


On Thursday, October 22, the (inter)cultural evening EUYOU organized by MIKK Murska Sobota took place. The online event was attended by 9 people, and the event was connected by youth worker Miha Lendvaj. Participants presented their stories and experiences on mobile activities in EU countries through Erasmus, Leonardo da Vinci and self-directed programs. For the needs of the participants, they also gave a short presentation of the Erasmus + programs: Youth in Action, with an emphasis on youth exchanges, and a presentation of the European Solidarity Unit program. Representatives of youth organizations and youth centers (Prekmurje Students’ Club, MIKK Murska Sobota and RIS Rakičan) also shared their experiences on the implementation of mobility programs and opportunities for young people in the field of participation in these programs.

To conclude, participants were invited to the next event (a lecture on democratic systems), and participants also solved a short evaluation questionnaire about the event.